Biden Announces Ban on Unlicensed ‘Ghost Gun’ Kits

Biden Announces Ban on Unlicensed ‘Ghost Gun’ Kits

Joe Biden on Monday announced a ban on unlicensed kits to manufacture “ghost guns” as part of an ongoing effort to curb the problem of untraceable firearms in the U.S. 

The announcement includes a ban on “buy build shoot” kits that people can purchase online or in-store without a background check, The Hill reports

The kit can be assembled into a firearm in as little as 30 minutes. 

The new rule clarifies that the kits would qualify as “firearms” under the Gun Control Act and thus, commercial  manufacturers must be licensed, include serial numbers and conduct background checks prior to sale. 

The rule applies to all ghost guns, regardless of how they were made, which can include 3D printing as well as kits. The Justice Department will require federally licensed dealers to take any unserialized firearm into inventory to give them serial numbers.

Additionally, the rule will update the regulatory definitions of “frame” and “receiver” to ensure that firearms with split receivers are subject to regulations requiring serial numbers and background checks when purchased.

Biden is expected to call on Congress to ban the sale and possession of unserialized firearms and require background checks for all gun sales; ensure that no terrorist can buy a weapon; ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines; and repeal gun manufacturers’ protection from liability.

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