Rishi Sunak bids to replace Boris Johnson | Here’s how new UK PM will be selected

Rishi Sunak bids to replace Boris Johnson | Here’s how new UK PM will be selected

Rishi Sunak, former finance minister, whose resignation contributed in a big way to Boris Johnson’s downfall as the UK PM, announced his interest in competing for the “top-job”. The odds speak in his favour too.

The clock is yet to run the full circle since Boris Johnson resigned and over a dozen MPs have come forth with their intention to take his position.

According to Ladbrokes, one of the leading betting groups, “Rishi Sunak joined Ben Wallace at the head of the betting for the next Tory leader – both 7/2.” Ben Wallace is the current Defence Secretary of the UK.

The odds comparison site Oddschecker has Rishi Sunak running at 16/5 to be the next conservative party leader, while Ben Wallace at 23/5.

Recently reported, YouGov snap poll that asked 716 Tory party members about their choice of the PM, came up with the name of Ben Wallace.

Other names in the mix include, former health secretary Sajid Javid; Foreign Secretary Liz Truss; Trade Secretary Penny Morduant; Deputy PM Dominic Raab and more.


These are initial stages. The Tory party has not even zeroed in on the time scale and the process.

Minister of the ballot, Bob Blackman told India Today, “The process is to be agreed on Monday and it is likely that the nominations may close by Tuesday night.”

Beginning of next week will give the answer to how many MPs are in the queue to be the PM. Until now, it has been reported that each candidate needs to have the support of at least 8 members of Parliament, but this might not be true as the process is still being decided.

Bob also added, “It is probable that the support of more than 8 MPs will be required for each candidate to have a successful nomination.”

The intent is to finish nominations by Tuesday and carry out the vote to reduce the choice to two names before Parliament goes to recess on July 21. These two candidates will then be presented to the Tory members and this process will include holding hustings and meetings.

It is the 1922 committee of backbenchers that decides on the timeline. Elections for committees are ongoing too. Once the new committee is in place, it will decide the time scale for the hustings.

Hustings are like debates carried out between candidates in the presence of members.

How and when will these hustings be held; who will attend and how they will attend? Everything needs to be decided yet by the 1922 committee which is being elected as of now.

Bob Blackman told India Today, “ The process has not yet been agreed and the timeline has not been agreed either.”

Having said that, the intention is to have a leader of the party and thus the prime minister by September 5, when the parliament returns from recess. This also allows for a new leader to address the Tory party conference being planned for October.

Time is short, but the process is long, so a lot will happen in this short space of time.

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