Concerns over Godongwana leading PSA wage talks

Concerns over Godongwana leading PSA wage talks

JOHANNESBURG – The Public Servants Association says it’s unlikely that government employees will get inflation-related wage increases if Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana takes the lead in wage negotiations.

It’s been reported that Godongwana is set to take a more active role in the public sector wage talks.

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He will be involved in developing government’s strategy to address wage issues.

Unions and government are set to return to the Public Sector Coordinating Bargaining Council to break the deadlock in negotiations.

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The Public Service Association, however, says it will maintain its 6.5 percent demand.

Government has indicated that its 2 percent wage increase offer is final, with an extension of a R1,000 gratuity.

Meanwhile, the PSA’s Reuben Maleka says that negotiations should be handled by the Department of Public Service and Administration.

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