EXCLUSIVE: ‘Earn Your Leisure’ Rashad Bilal & Troy Millings School Fans On Financial Literacy And Independence

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Earn Your Leisure’ Rashad Bilal & Troy Millings School Fans On Financial Literacy And Independence

SOHH interviewed a well-versed podcast duo about a plethora of topics under the umbrella of independence and finances.

Rashad Bilal & Troy Millings


SOHH interviewed the hosts of the “Earn Your Leisure,” podcast, Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings, to discuss their investment called “The Invest Fest” in Atlanta:

“The Invest Fest” is August 5th to the 7th. It’s just an experience like no other where we took the best elements of festivals because there are so many festivals but we said how can we relate this to business and investing. That’s something that we’ve always done is blend culture with finances.”

Rashad shared how he grew up learning about business through his father:

“Yes for sure, I was always interested in business my whole entire life investing, my dad was always self-employed most of his entire life so he was always teaching me about business and really he was adamant in being your own boss and letter somebody controls your destiny and group economics, a lot of the stuff that we hear now he was really big on that years ago so that was something I was taught in my household so I feel like that definitely.”

In addition, Millings shared how the idea of the company came about:

“When we started with Earn Your Leisure it wasn’t to make money it was money it was really to add value to people’s lives and the money you know would become a byproduct of a value that we added and so it was like we were reliant on what we’re doing for earn your leisure it was alright let’s add value.”

Millings added:

“We’ve opened the world up to so many different types of fields of business and entrepreneurship that you can be, now this gumbo soup is full of opportunities and so now kids are looking at it like, I can start a vending machine business, wait I can start a logistics company.”

Furthermore, Rashad also spoke about how people are becoming successful with their brand:

“Our areas as far as business finance investing is on fire right now, we actually have a great podcast network where we produce shows for people, we have like six shows under their umbrella and all of those shows are doing extremely well so that’s exciting for us.”

Bilal continued:

“In the tech space, I’ve seen a lot of young black entrepreneurs and young black tech creators so the tech space web 3.0, there’s a lot of people doing great things in that space, so those are two areas right there finance and tech i’m starting to see a lot more content, media, and events, different things of that nature.”

Many can learn more about the company as they try to become more successful in different business branches.

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