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Need help? +4915143663977
Need help? +4915143663977

We will gladly accept transfers from online or out-of-state sales for a fee of $50 per firearm.  In addition to the $50 transfer fee, Washington State has recently enacted guidelines that require sales tax be collected from all out of state firearm transfers.  Please contact us before initiating a transfer, to ensure compliance all State and Federal laws.

*Starting June 1st, 2021 the transfer fee will be $50 per serial number.*


Once you have made arrangements with the seller of the firearm, you will need to find an FFL holder to receive the shipment.   Supper Currency Banknotes Technology Inc will receive your firearm, complete all the necessary paperwork, and contact you when it arrives.

For our own protection, we will NOT give out a copy of our FFL to a private party.  However, we will gladly forward a copy (by fax or email) to an FFL holder that requests this information prior to shipping.

If you are having a private party ship your firearm to Supper Currency Banknotes Technology Inc, we encourage you both to visit ATF.gov
The Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms maintains a list of all current FFL Holders.
You will find Supper Currency Banknotes Technology Inc on this list as a current FFL holder, with the ability to accept your firearm transfer.
This proof of FFL Licensing, via the ATF website, is all that is required to satisfy Federal laws regarding firearms shipping.
You do NOT need a signed hard-copy of our FFL in order to ship to us, per the ATF.

In order to properly receive and log your firearm shipment per Federal Law, 
Supper Currency Banknotes Technology Inc will need certain information from the party shipping your firearm.
If your firearm will be shipping from an FFL holder, we need their FFL information so we can properly log the transfer in our books.
If your firearm is coming from a private party, we will require a photocopy of their current driver’s license.
This is required so we can record all necessary information regarding the transfer into our books.
This information is strictly for our records only, and will NOT be made available to anyone else.

It is your responsibility to understand the paperwork process, transfer protocol and Supper Currency Banknotes Technology Inc policy BEFORE you have any firearm shipped to us!


When your firearm arrives, we will contact you to pick it up at your earliest convenience.
The paperwork required for a transfer is exactly the same as if you were buying a new firearm.
The typical background checks and waiting periods for firearm purchases will also apply.
Once the paperwork is complete, you will be charged the $50 transfer fee per serial number as well as Washington state Sales Tax for the transferred firearm. *Starting June 1st, 2021 the transfer fee will be $350 per serial number.*

While the process does seem a bit daunting at first, it is actually quite simple. If you have any questions or concerns, 
feel free to contact us at: +1 323 413-7482

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